Vancouver Island Raiders Kick-Off the 2023 Raider Nation Rising Sponsorship campaign

(Nanaimo, B.C. March 22, 2023) The Vancouver Island Raiders, a non-profit junior football organization, introduce the newest Raider Nation Rising sponsorship program. 


With 18 years of continuous commitment, the VI Raiders mission is to be the best in the country, on the field, off the field and in the local community to inspire young athletes and create something that lasts a lifetime.


Since 2005, we have won 9 BCFC Championships, 3 National Championships, played in another 2 National Championships and 4 Inter-Gold games.  In 2018, to honour our unprecedented successes, and inducted into the B.C. Football Hall of Fame.


There are three new opportunities for those feeling philanthropic:

  • This year for the first time the VI Raiders’ games are Telus televised & sponsorships are available from $1000 - $5,000.
  • Touchdown & First Down Public Addresses are part of the live game action and are available per game at $1500 and $2500 respectively.
  • 10 personal video plugs from Andrew Harris at $250 each (only available April & May).

“Kick-off is July 29th, with our new 400 additional seats, lighting technology and press/coaching booth we are all geared-up for a blockbuster season,” says Kabel Atwall, President of VI Raiders.  “Andrew Harris is hard at work bringing his championship pedigree to Raider Nation; we are so determined to make this a fan-centric and successful year for us.”

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For details on the 2023 VI Raiders sponsorship program:

Further info: Contact Pamela Groberman 604-644-1064,